Bodega on Broadway

Welcome to Bodega on Broadway

Downtown Asheville's exclusive family-owned store of convenient provisions where you will find an ample assortment of locally sourced goods, essential items and on-the-go meals. 



noun, plural bo·de·gas
[ boh-dey-guh; Spanish baw-the-gah ]
a small, independent or family-owned grocery store, usually located in a densely populated urban environment, traditionally serving a Hispanic clientele.

We have what you want

To-go essentials

Local goodies

Wide-variety of beverages

Locally produced items

Local favorites

One-stop convenience

We have what you need

Essential travel items

Fresh brewed local coffee roaster

Grab -n- Go meals

Hard-to-find local favorites

Frozen meats, local cheeses, and dairy

Pet treats + food

Items you crave


BoB is happy to serve each and every person in downtown Asheville for all their needs. Whether you're looking for that quick snack to hold you over, we've got a wide variety of locally produced foods as well as our very own Disco Deli.

Looking for that coffee to keep you going through your day? We are proud to say we are the only shop in Asheville serving freshly brewed South Slope Roasters coffee. 

Are you visiting Asheville and staying in one of the hotels around the corner from us but you forgot to pack your toothbrush or Tylenol? We got you! Take a look at some of the items found in our cute little Bodega!